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General Information

The Faculty of Education was founded on Feb. 8 th 2002. The history of the Department of Educational Sciences at the Faculty of Science and Letters, which was the substructure of the Faculty of Education, dates back to 1985. Thanks to the facilities our universty possesses, it is possible for our faculty to offer education in modern buildings in Kayseri central campus. At our faculty, 24 classroom, 3 science labratories, 2 computer labratory and 1 Internet room, all fully  equipped, are at our students' service.

            The Department of Education possesses 10 Departments and 32 division which are the parts of the departments. These departments are Department of Primary Education, Department of Turkish Language Education, Department of Foreign Languages Education, Education of Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge, Department of Science and Maths at Secondary Level, Department of Social Sciences at Secondary Level, Department of Computer and Technology Education, Department of Educational Sciences, Department of Fine Arts Education and Department of Special Education.

            In 2002-2003, 262 students have been accepted into the Department of Primary School, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Turkish Language Education. This number has become 534 in 2003-2004. In 2004-2005 with the acceptance of students to the department of  Sciences teaching , this number has increased to 867.

            At 2005-2006 academic year our  faculty started to accept students into the departments of Foreign Languages Teaching, evening classes of Maths Teaching evening classes of the department of Social Sciences Teaching, evening classes of Turkish Language Teaching and Science Teaching. For that reason the total number of the students has increased to 2667.

            At our faculty, the pedagogic classes are held by the staff of the Department of Educational Sciences; and the other subject classess are run by experienced lecturers of other faculties such as The Faculty of Science and Letters, vocational Training High School and other departments.

            The staff at his faculty consists of 4 professor, 9 associate professors, 24 assistant professors, 12 lectures, 15 research assistants and 1 instructer to talling a number of 65 lecturers.

            Based on the cooperation of Institute of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Education the following M.A. (non-thesis) programs have been directed.

Institute of Social Sciences (from 2002-2003 on) 

  1. M.A. (non-thesis) program on Turkish Language 
  2. M.A. (non-thesis) program on History Education 
  3. M.A. (non-thesis) program on Art Education 
  4. M.A. (non-thesis) program on Music Education 

Institute of Science (from 2003-2004 on ) 

  1. M.A. (non-thesis) program on Physics Education 
  2. M.A. (non-thesis) program on Chemistry Education 
  3. M.A. (non-thesis) program on Mathematics Education 
  4. M.A. (non-thesis) program on Biology Education, 

In addition, for the students of English Language and Literature and the students of Physical Education and we provide teaching certificate lessons.

Obviously we need teachers for primary education and for Secondary level field teaching in our country. With new regulations at our faculty our main goal is to provide teachers especially for these departments.